web page rebuild or resend when 3/4 is the same?

  peeby 00:26 20 Jan 2003
  peeby 00:26 20 Jan 2003

this might be a simple question or ?
Anway, a lot of sites this one included reload with 3/4 of the page the same as before- sidebars, toptabs,etc but I takes just as long as the first time.
Are they resending the whole page or is my Celeron with onboard everything just slow in rebuilding? I'm on dial up with no hope of anything faster in the foreseable future,
Any answers

  Pesala 06:03 20 Jan 2003

I use Opera 6.05, which claims it is faster than Internet Explorer. Try using it for a while and see if things improve for you. Another bonus is that Opera ahs built-in email so you can remove Outlook Express. The latest Opera 7 is still in beta, so I would recommend version 6.05 to try out first.

I don't know how to modify the settings in IE, but check Tools, Internet options, to see if you are caching images. If this is turned off for some reason it might cause the problem you describe.

In Opera one can change the size of the cache too.

  Tog 07:39 20 Jan 2003

IE Properties > General tab > Temporary Internet Files Settings. In there you will find a whole bunch of options to refresh the page.

  Lú-tzé 07:59 20 Jan 2003

Try Mozilla - fast and very customisable - built in pop up blocker, ad blocker, cookie manager, form filler etc.

After using it for a while it will be customised to your preferences and will load pages very fast - especially leaving out banner ads.

  Tog 07:34 23 Jan 2003

In reply to your email to clarify what I said above:-

To get the properties up, click on the Internet Explorer icon on your desktop and not the page displayed in IE itself.
On the IE page, click on Tools > Internet Options > Settings
In there you will find the options for refreshing the page.

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