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  SolvaWorld 17:00 20 Jan 2006

Hi guys Im quite new to web pages.. but I have a problem I cant get my head round

I have created a page with a table Split into columns.. The problem is In the first column the data will remain the same were as in the second and third the data will change size and appearance. Is it possible to lock the first column some how so when I add things to the other column the table as a whole wont change size.


  ade.h 17:08 20 Jan 2006

This depends largely on what web authoring software you are using. Pop over to the Webdesign section with this question and you'll get some specialist help from someone who has the same software. I could tell you how to do it NOF if that helps...

  SolvaWorld 17:32 20 Jan 2006

Im using front page any help would be much appreciated its starting to irritate me in theory it seems something quite basic

  SolvaWorld 16:54 25 Jan 2006

Also I have looked round the table properties and not see a way to fix their shape and position.I ican see specify width and height that doesnt seem to affect anything. Also Is it possible to fix cells or columns as my site format will run off 3 main columns with cells part of each column

Im using frontpage v.4

  SolvaWorld 17:52 26 Jan 2006

Ade.H could you share with me your idea of howing to solve this please as Im still very stuck


  [DELETED] 18:15 26 Jan 2006

Have you got an address for your web site yet that you can give us a link to so we can have a look?

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