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  murph65 00:42 23 Jan 2004


I wonder if anyone can help a novice,my problem is with certain pages on the web eg. my homepage
(the bbc)when these pages load they only fill about 60% of the screen - from the left hand side the rest of the sreen being blank,this is on IE.I also use Opera,with this i can magnify the page to 180%,this usualy covers the width of the screen but the resolution of the pictures on the screen begins to suffer.

Other sites eg. PC Advisor i have no problem with. I've used friends computers and none of them seem to have the same problem.

I've also been told to change sreen resolution and font sizes but nothing seem to work.

I have a 17inch lcd monitor setup for [email protected]

  gold 47 20:24 23 Jan 2004

Sounds like your refresh rate is wrong my TFT monitor is set to 60hz check your screen manual.

  gold 47 20:27 23 Jan 2004

Sorry the other setting is 800x600

  Pesala 20:39 23 Jan 2004

As far as I know Opera is your best choice as it zooms the text and graphics in proportion.

A high resolution 17" LCD or TFT has a fixed native resolution unlike a CRT screen - which can run at different resolutions. Though you can change the resolution of a TFT through software, the image quality will be poor - it is best run at its native resolution.

Some web pages will resize to fit the window, but most do not, and since many pages are designed to be viewed at 800 pixels wide, they will take only 62.5% of the width on your 1280 pixel wide monitor.

  Pesala 20:43 23 Jan 2004

so the problem shouldn't be so great on your monitor. That's 80%

  murph65 20:51 23 Jan 2004

Looks like i'll just have to live with it on IE
But i'm using Opera more and more now so not much of a problem.
Anyway thanks for explaining to me.

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