Web page not opening properly? is this cookies?

  pcgal 10:58 19 Jul 2003

I have 2 computers at home networked together.
The webpage I regularly visit runs fine on my client computer but not on my main pc.
All other webpages work fine on my main pc!
The webpage opens up no problem on my main pc but when I try to navigate the site it just hangs for a while then a "done" message appears in the bottom left hand corner of the task bar and it just shows a blank page under the webpage heading. I then go to my client pc and all the information appears no problem.
Is this a cookie problem? Its puzzling me because its just this one website thats the problem. Can anyone advise.....thanx pcgal

  pcgal 11:01 19 Jul 2003

ps.....running on ie6 windows xp both machines

  Steven135 11:10 19 Jul 2003

Does the page use a plug in that you do not have on you main PC?

  pcgal 11:16 19 Jul 2003

hhhmmmmmmmmmmm can you give me an example of a plugin steve? both systems the same I think

  Wes Tam ;-) 11:18 19 Jul 2003

Have you a firewall that is stopping cookies, pop-ups etc for the site?

  pcgal 11:26 19 Jul 2003

wes I have norton antivirus and firewall but Ive just tried the site with the firewall turned off and its still the same

  pcgal 11:40 19 Jul 2003

Ive shut everything down runing in the background but page still the same.........can I attempt anything regarding cookies????????

  VoG II 11:48 19 Jul 2003

Not sure if this is a cookie problem. However you could try:

In IE, File/Import and Export and export your cookies (say to a floppy).

Then in IE Tools/Internet Options "Delete cookies" button. Or use click here which will wipe all cookies and more.

If this doesn't work you can Import your cookies back from the floppy.

  Wes Tam ;-) 11:48 19 Jul 2003

What about your Privacy Settings in IE6?

Are they set the same on both machines?

  pcgal 11:54 19 Jul 2003

Dam I just remembered.....a few weeks ago I was getting java script errors but Ive not seen this error for the last week.......could this be the source
Wes yes both machines privacy settings the same

  Steven135 13:47 19 Jul 2003

Example Plugins: Macromedia Flash, Sun Java, Quicktime...

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