Web page is good but no images!

  kleefarr 02:07 05 Jul 2003

I can post a web page in html on my website, but the image that is on the page doesn't show.


Any ideas gratefully received.


  bigdamouk 02:45 05 Jul 2003

Try posting this in the Web Design forum aswell.

Are you sure that the image uploaded correctly into the same folder as the page? and that the path is pointing to the right image?

  Kryten 08:03 05 Jul 2003

Could you give us a link to the site so as we can take a look. your posting does not say much about the problem. Have you made sure the file names are only 8.3 files that can be read properly by the server. Also make sure you have written the links correctly (e.g not adding capitals in the link while there is none in the file name).

  kleefarr 13:24 05 Jul 2003

I am new to web design and am using Site Studio1.6RC2 which came with the web hosting package.

I have converted my own .xls pages to html and all look fine when preveiwing webpage.

They appear fine on the upload apart form the images. The place holder is there (square with red cross)and I have uploaded all images used to the images folder on the site.... however there are a couple of questions.

On the site there are two folders for images..

the first is images/ the second which is a subfolder of images is images.vti. My images are in the first one and all appear there.
When converting from excel to html via word the pages when saved had
a. word fomatt
b. html formatt
c. an image

Should I have uploaded the image that was created with the html doc? The ones I have uploaded are the ones used for the creation which are in other file.

This probably sounds like a load of twoddle....

and you can see I'm no expert in this feild.


  kleefarr 02:48 06 Jul 2003

After a lot of fiddling and some trial and error, I have completed 99.9% of my website.

I can't seem to get the Index hyperlink right!!!

All of the other pages are my own construction, but the index page is a site builder one.

Can you have a look and tell me what I'm doing wrong?

Kevin click here

  bigdamouk 03:09 06 Jul 2003

From first glance you appear to have a few overlapping problems with the top logos. (unless it's supposed to be like that)

The images are also missing still, after looking at their properties, it's trying to retrieve the image of your hard drive: "file:///f:/leefarr%20ltd/website/html%20pages/graphics%20card.jpg"

Have a look to see if the images are uploaded correctly.

As your a business website and offering 'Bare bones Pc's' I would suggest that for each brief description you've given, perhaps a link to a full detailed explanation with photos.
I know if I was looking for a Pc I wouldn't purchase one without knowing the full specs.

Of course this will mean more work.

You also look to me like your aiming for the business market, yet I cannot see any order forms or methods of payment, Large companys would mainly not deal with sending orders through email and sending cheques in the post. Of course online payment could be set-up to give a more 'Professional' feel and as your a registered business you should have no problems with it.

A couple of personal gripes are the 'Scrolling Text' on the item description pages, I really don't think it suits the purpose of the site, same goes for the hit counter.

After all that it does look like it has a lot of potential and I wish you all the best with it.


  kleefarr 03:43 06 Jul 2003

Have made a few changes already and seem to have sorted the home hyperlink problem.

Many thanks for your other comments, I have just started out in business and will see what happens...your suggested link to further details and pics seems to be one at the top of the improvments list.

Thanks again


  kleefarr 14:01 06 Jul 2003

When i checked last night (3:30 am) All images where there and i didn't notice they were coming from my own hard drive.
I had uploaded all the images to the images file. This is the location of the graphics card image

click here

But when I copy it and paste it into my file it either goes somewhere in the middle of the text and spoils the layout, or somewhere round the outside.

I know I must be missing something really silly, but i can't think whats it is?


  kleefarr 14:04 06 Jul 2003

Graphics Card image

click here

  Forum Editor 14:16 06 Jul 2003

to WebDesign

  kleefarr 15:51 06 Jul 2003

Sorry! Prob was I unfortunately originally posted in the wrong forum and couldn't delete.


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