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  12inches 12:31 26 Jan 2005

I am trying to understand how to make changes to the pages of our website which uses FTPExplorer.(Designer now gone selfemployed and too busy to help right now)
Uploading and Downloading instructions confuse me!
Could some kind person advise me whether I should alter the present page(s) filed/held in My Computer and, if so, then what do I do to get the change to show on the Internet? Or do I go online and alter the details 'live'?
Perhaps there is already a simple guide to web page editing online somewhere that you can suggest I study?
Thanks for your help & time. Derek

  Rigga 13:11 26 Jan 2005

I always edit the web pages locally, then transfer the altered pages to the server once it is all tested.

You will also get more responses if this was posted in the Web Design forum.


  stlucia 13:53 26 Jan 2005

As Rigga says, you usually edit and check your pages on your PC. Then you use your download software to connect to the web and update your pages.

Your download software will probably give you options to update all pages, or only the ones that have been changed; and it will check that your links are still valid.

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