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  lpl56407 06:48 09 Nov 2003

I connect to the Internet via Freeserve Broadband.
The problem.
Slow Web Page downlaods. Using a site I regularly access I get the following info from Broadband Connection Manager:
Approximately 1 minute to load the page with lots of delays between data flow.
I have found the following.
If I run 4 consecutive continuous PINGS (two to each) to the first two IP Address Hops from my PC. These are in the 62.25.200 range then my web page download speed dramatically improves as follows:
Using the same site as before:
Approx 7 secs to download the page AND continuous data flow. The two IP addresses are for kit managed by Energis, part of the Freeserve Network, I believe.
So how can this dramatic improvement be explained?
As follows according to an Internet techie:

You've discovered a little known bit of TCP/IP and router interaction
- it's all to do with "best effort" on the part of Cisco kit and is
partly the reason why Denial of Service ping attacks are rather

In a nutshell - the more IP traffic you bung at a server the more the
intervening routers will try and help you - browsers typically run
asyncronously so unless you have Moz or Opera you can't play too much
there - however - using another protocol - eg ping - raises your
priority a bit.
What I want to know is how I can have the 'PING SPEED' of web pages WITHOUT having to use PINGS.
I have done lots of investigation, including changing TCPIP settings and pointing to different DNS Servers. No change. BT and Freeserve say 'no problem'.
So what is the problem?

  The Lights Are On 07:43 09 Nov 2003

What do these guys say regarding your configeration? click here

  lpl56407 13:35 09 Nov 2003

My configuration has not been questioned beyond ensuring that I have filters at all appropriate points. I connect to Freeserve Broadband via a Copperjet ADSL 800 USB modem.
Freeserve did suggest that I get a 'gain increase' on my line but BT say this is not possible for ADSL.
So I just keep the Pings running at the moment....

  critic-al 13:48 09 Nov 2003

look at this page ,you may find your solution

click here

  lpl56407 17:22 09 Nov 2003

Thanks. Have looked as per 'click here' but under xp how do I
'. i cleared all forms in the Content tab under internet options..'
This is not an option????

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