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  vinnyo123 07:10 02 Mar 2003

New at making web page tried it once with win 95 and notepad.....But can't seem to get it to work with win me and IE 6....Is it possible to use notepad in Win me as htlm pad and veiw changes in IE 6.... not looking for any fancy editors yet just basic HTLM -2 -3.0 -4.0 etc....

  Pesala 11:44 02 Mar 2003

I also use Windows ME. I can open html pages in notepad from IE, and regularly edit them in notepad to make minor changes from Opera (View source).

I cannot understand why you want to do things the hard way. Why not use a Freeware web package like Arachnophilia or a DTP Program like Page Plus that can produce the code for you?

Arachnophilia Home Page: click here

Serif Home Page: click here

  vinnyo123 17:02 02 Mar 2003

I want to veiw my work as I go ,,also want to go hard way to learn basics of html ..and go from there.

  Forum Editor 17:23 02 Mar 2003

you are giving yourself the best possible start in web designing, and the knowledge you gain now will stand you in good stead when you come to use a WYSIWYG web developing application later.

All professional designers use Notepad - you shouldn't have any problem editing pages for upload to a server via an FTP program like WS_FTP Pro (my particular favourite).

  Pesala 17:25 02 Mar 2003

I use NetObjects Fusion 2.02 to create my website. It is an old edition off a PC cover disk, and works just like a DTP program.

I don't need to know any html coding to create my website, but I can edit the code in notepad and figure out how it works. My website is over 100 pages, so takes a while to regenerate. If I want to make a minor change, I open the page which has been staged on my hard disk, make the change, and save it. Then I upload the modified pages using FTP commander.

If I want to add a page, or make several changes, I edit my site in NetObjects Fusion, publish it as a stage on my hard disk, and upload the modified pages.

  Taran 17:33 02 Mar 2003

Well done for trying to learn web design in the right order. If you do it this way, when things go wrong (note, I said when, not if) you will at least be able to manually fix the problems rather than relying entirely on a WYSIWYG editor.

There's a really nice tutorial at this link on using Notepad as your HTML editor: click here

It takes you from zero knowledge and explains what the HTML tags are, how and where to use them and how to do it all with Notepad.

No matter which program you end up using, sooner or later you have to roll your sleeves up and get into coding, so learning it early on will give you an excellent base of operations for the future.

Good luck with it, and if you get stuck just ask. There are quite a few forum members who do a lot of web designing.



  vinnyo123 19:19 02 Mar 2003

thanks for all the advise ,,just let me see here ,,,I use note pad with my htlm tags and upload to my ftp server an presto my web design is started ......and I think i,m gonna use notepad and WS_ftp pro...also I just wanted to see if I could've hop back and fourth with notepad an IE to see my changes without hogging bandwith ô¿ô

  Taran 18:36 08 Mar 2003

If you save the changes you make to your pages in Notepad to a specific folder that contains all of your site files, just open them from there in IE to check them BEFORE you upload them.

Once they are uploaded, check them again making sure to clear your browser history first.

You should always check your changes locally before risking the upload to your webspace. Making changes after upload can be irritating and inconvenient - hence the idea to check your files by running them from your hard drive first.


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