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  sallyleslie 23:24 14 May 2005

Is anyone else having any problems? My web site has disappeared and when I try to re-load it won't recognise my account password?

  sallyleslie 22:43 15 May 2005

Thanks for that John - nice site by the way!

i "spoke" to the live help folk and they say: "There was problem with the hard drive and some data on it was corrupted" and I am advised to email support - I've done this and will see what they say bcause it is odd I simply can't upload it again and my password etc is being denied!


  sallyleslie 20:59 16 May 2005

Hello John,

I received the following email early this morning:
Hello sir,

We are sorry to inform you that there was problem with the hard disk on the server11. The hard drive on the server had failed and the secondary hard drive took over. Unfortunately the secondary hard drive had also copied some of the errors. This meant that the server would not start.We had to rebuild the hard drive, and recover the data on it, however it appears that a few users files have been affected because they were corrupt on the backup hard drive due to the errors that were on the primary which originally failed.

It is found that the data that you have on your space is lost from your space and cannot be restored. You need to re-upload it. We have reset the account and uploaded a web-mania page as your index page.Sorry for your inconvenience faced by you.

The issue with the server11 is fixed now and all the services on the server are working fine.

Please feel free to contact us back if you face any problem or have any question.

Thank you,

Support Team.
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[email protected]

--- So I have uploaded my site again and all is indeed well!



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