Web mail problems

  ventanas 22:27 20 Jun 2010

Three different Hotmail accounts, one Gmail and one Orange web mail. All can send mail but none are receiving anything. Have tried it on three different pc's and a Blackberry. All devices send but cannot receive.
Anyone any ideas please.

  bobbybluenose 22:30 20 Jun 2010

who is your isp.

  Woolwell 22:41 20 Jun 2010

Please confirm that you are accessing all of your accounts via webmail. If that is the case it is unlikely to be problem with your own system. Is it the same sender sending to these accounts? Have you looked in the junk/spam folders?

  ventanas 23:00 20 Jun 2010

ISP is orange.
Am logging in to the accounts the same as always.
It was first noticed yesterday when I tested the Blackberry for send/receive. All mails not received have been sent by me from one of the other accounts. I won't know about any others.
Have checked junk etc already.
Completely stumped. Thanks for the replies.

  Woolwell 23:03 20 Jun 2010

Is it always the same account you are sending from?

  Woolwell 23:04 20 Jun 2010

Are you getting the thread notifications?

  Woolwell 23:08 20 Jun 2010

Sorry you did state no e-mail being received

  ventanas 23:20 20 Jun 2010

Thread notes do not go to a web mail address.
I am sending from all five accounts to all five accounts, and from my orange pop3 account. None arrive, but all are sent.

  Woolwell 23:28 20 Jun 2010

Are you receiving the thread notes in this other account?

The problem is quite strange and sorry to labour the point but you are sending from webmail?

  ella33 08:21 21 Jun 2010

Speaking as a very basic pc user..I once accidently blocked users, so I could send but not receive. It does seem strange on 3 different devices however....

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