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  TC 23:35 18 May 2004

Dispite both of us complaining (a lot) to our ISP's I have a relative in the US who cannot get email from me unless I send it from my domain web based mail server. It's ok but it has a 1MB file size limit and I would like to send her the odd family video. I use a file splitter and the whole process takes ages. Ideally I would like to just email her from outlook but if that's not to be can anyone suggest a better work around. Does anyone know of a web based mail service that allows large file attachments I don't mind if I have to move my domain or free/cheap storage that I could upload my file to that she could download it from.

  Forum Editor 23:56 18 May 2004

and I'll move it there now, but before I do........

Why can't this relative receive your email? There must be some reason, and it will either be your smtp server that's stopping the transfer, or her POP3 server. It's almost certainly her POP3 mailbox that's the problem, and if you're trying to send her "the odd family video" I'm not surprised - most ISPs place limits on big file transfers for obvious reasons - they want to prevent a few people from using an unfair share of the available bandwidth.

You can get special treatment if you pay for it - there are companies who will provide you with facilities for very large file transfers via email, or via download. I suggest that you take a look at
click here which is an excellent company specialising in this service - they even offer a 30 free trial.

  TC 00:14 19 May 2004

Since both my ISP and hers are still trying to solve the problem I was not seeking advice on solving my email problem. I am asking which services would be best as an alternative for me and for that reason I put my email in the consumer watch and not the helproom.
Nothing unfair about it both of us pay for our large band width. Why do you suspect everyone is up to no good. I am not talking about sending the lastest DVD to her I am talking about a 20MB video of birthdays ect.

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