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  Taran 13:53 29 Dec 2004

Hi all.

As some will know from another thread I registered a domain and account with Web Mania several months ago.

I'd just like to reaffirm that, to date, I have had only one very brief period of downtime and the account has done exactly what it was supposed to do from the outset.

Before anyone rushes off to sign up though, ask yourself a few questions about your requirements rather than buying based on cost alone.

Would you prefer the very latest versions of PHP and MySQL ?

Do you need more than one database ?

Do you need a database and PHP support at all ?

Do you want to register your domain name for a few pounds less with another business ?

There are loads of questions that could be asked and all will vary to a degree on your current needs as well as your expected future requirements.

I think the Web Mania accounts offer superb value for money and they work very well for a lot of people.

Hosting though, is often the one area in web authoring that really trips people up.

Just like computer hardware sales, large and often totally irrelevant numbers are often quoted. You may be offered more disk space and bandwidth than you could ever realistically use, or features that you don't even want or need.

There are a lot of web hosts out there and Web Mania is just one of many. I would say that they offer remarkable value for money and, in my case, everything went smoothly and the whole process was the fastest and most efficient service I have ever had from any host.

I would also suggest that for most beginners their accounts are fine and allow you to experiment and play, without breaking the bank, and based on that alone they are worth every penny.

Penny-pinching often gets you into trouble and trying to save a pound or two here and there can often come back and bite you in the backside at a later date.

Since moving hosts is something of an event, it would pay you all to think long and hard about what you want from your prospective host, what you think you might need in the future and whether you can afford to get into this based on the fact that every year you have to pay your web host.

Cheap is sometimes not cheerful, though in my case with Web Mania it has been excellent. Others though, have not had similar experiences.

It is no use creating your website masterpiece, especially if it is for business purposes, and running into serious hosting issues as soon as you kick things off.

Ask in this forum for details of accounts if you don't know what SSL, SSH, FTP and whatnot is al about. Ask if you want to know about PHP and ASP, or MySQL and Access.

The main point I am meandering slowly towards is that the relationship with your web host should be a good one and should certainly last for several years. It is not only based on a monetary exchange, it becomes trust based where you entrust your site to somebody else's keeping.

With that in mind it helps to make a few right choices early on than try to fix problems later.

I just felt that with the numbers of newcomers we are seeing to web design and the requests we are getting to help fix issues with various hosting accounts, now might be a good time to remind people to think past their wallet when selecting a host. For something that your site relies so entirely on, it seems pointless skimping on it.


  Forum Editor 14:01 29 Dec 2004

and I hardly knbow it's there - it just gets on with the job.

  mac_gyver 00:21 30 Dec 2004

I've got a couple of Web Mania accounts and I too generally think they are great.

I have had a couple of issues of privelages in phpMyAdmin which they haven't been able to resolve for me.

And one of my sites has experienced some downtime but if you talk to their support staff via LivePerson they are quite helpful. Its reasurring to know they are looking into the problem there and then (or they say they are!!!)

However, its great value for money and they give you more space than you'll ever need for one domain!!! Its a shame you can't addon domains to it.

Will I renew my account with them? Despite the fantastic price I don't think I will. I recently bought a reseller account from click here which works out at about £50 per year for 1.5gb of space with unlimited addon domains,a ccounts etc. If you have multiple domains I would definitely recommend this over web mania

  Taran 13:44 27 Jan 2005

Just hitting the "Resolved" option to keep things tidy.


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