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  Guady 18:08 10 Nov 2008

I am trying to help a local amateur dramatic society to set up a web site. We are in Spain and wonder whether we need to have a Spanish web hosting company, or if we can use a British one (it will be (slightly) easier for us to do it in English than in Spanish! If we can use an English one - who would you recommend? We will need to register a Domain Name - but don't want to pay more than necessary, as the society is non-profit making.
The other things I want to ask about are: which FTP program do people rate? In the past I've used WS FTP, but it is 5 years ago and things may have changed. Also, in the past I used Front Page, but no longer have this program - is it still possible to use Word to produce a simple site? Any other advice would also be welcome!

  Kemistri 01:43 12 Nov 2008

There is one important reason why hosting your site in the same country as your target market/audience is a wise move, and while it is not necessarily going to be too big a deal in your particular situation, it is worth mentioning.

The majority of internet users (around two thirds) localise their searches where possible via the radio buttons that are on most of Google's regional sites and many other search engines. These work (for Google at least) by checking two things: primarily, the IP address of each site; and secondarily, the top level domain suffix (.co.uk, etc.) As far as Google is concerned, a user in Spain will see their localised version of Google, may use the option to search for sites in Spain, and their results will show primarily those sites that are hosted in Spain. And regardless of suffix, a site that is hosted in Germany, for example, will not list well at best and not be listed at all at worst. I'm told that the suffix checking is not too hot and so IP address checking rules at the moment, though it may also be because anyone anywhere can use almost any suffix if they really have a mind to and the content may not actually be relevant. Or safe for that matter.....

As I wrote above, it may not be a huge issue for you and your amdram fans as you may get mostly direct traffic and a lot less from searches.

  EmmaS 10:10 12 Nov 2008

The domain is more important than the hosting location for geotargeting, so if you were taegeting people in Spain you'd probably want to for a .es domain.

You can host anywhere, really, and many people host in the US due to the cheaper costs. It's only really an issue if the site is mission critical, which doesn't sound the case here.

For hosting recommendations it's worth checking out sites such as Webhostingtalk and asking around there:
click here

Best of luck with it. :)

  Kemistri 13:28 12 Nov 2008

"The domain is more important than the hosting location for geotargeting...."

In theory, yes. In practice, it is overruled by the IP address because that is what Google currently relies upon. That is well known and is demonstrated by the experiences of customers of a certain major host whose servers were (still are, I assume) located in Germany. They found that their sites ranked very low at best in localised searches here in Britain, regardless of suffix, because the IP results indicated that these were not UK-based sites.

Again, not a big issue here, but the information given should be right.

  Zip? 19:31 14 Nov 2008

streamline.net, fasthosts.co.uk, ‘1 & 1’ ‘eins und eins’, and internet Wunderkind Ralph Dommermuth of United Internet AG

Ralph Dommermuth's influence on UK web hosting since taking over the UK's leading web host, fasthosts.co.uk, in 1999 has been nothing short of disastrous for the UK consumer in its philosophy of the total disregard for and the steamrollering over of UK law.

I had my bank account wrongfully debited by a web hosting company, streamline.net - one Andrew Dollamore - who ignored the request to cancel a three-month trial period, but who then without my knowledge, sneakily took a ‘one-year premium hosting package’ cost from my account. I tried to indict for contravention of the Theft Act, but the Chief Constable of the area of the offence passed it to a subordinate, who in turn passed it on to the Derbyshire Trading Standards Office and my money was bounced back into my account : it is illegal, a criminal offence in the UK punishable by up to 10 years in prison to wrongfully or deceitfully debit a bank account -and using steamroller pressure can be termed a form of deceit if use of the law is at the time not only unfounded but then goes on to become forcefully intimidatory : it is also illegal in the UK to use the law in pursuance of an offence, and the law comes down on an offence such as this like a ton of bricks.

I now know that streamline.net were sellers-on of and influenced by the talents of fasthosts.co.uk who eventually bought their customer base. I now know also that fasthosts.co.uk sold out to, and adopted the steamroller philosophy of, United Internet AG for 90 million euros (£61mill) in 1999. Or more to the point, sold out to Ralph Dommermuth, the German internet billionaire who founded '1 und1' and who is the main shareholder of the owning company United Internet Ag.

Today 28/10/08 I sent emails to the board members of fasthosts.co.uk : Andrew Michael CEO (the founder), Michael Hogan Finance Director, Mark Cowne Sales & Marketing Director - the board of directors - Steve Holford Press ; Billing, and Support, informing them of my intention to apply for their indictment, and the indictment of the actual instigators, for THEFT if they do not return the money that’s been continually taken from my bank after I had cancelled my Distance Selling contract with them due to their poor support. Please Google the ‘Distance Selling’ statute and you will be able to judge just how much the steamroller these companies use is a cover, a camouflage for their ignoring the demands to comply made on them by the Distance Selling statute, and also by just how much they have drifted into dangerous ground given the Theft Act. Please also Google the ‘Theft Act’ as well. For our government of the day by placing relevant law on the net have given us all who can read the power through the knowledge of these Acts, to contest to bring pickpockets like these to account!

I also sent a copy of the email to [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] (the board) [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] .

And everyone will now receive 12/11/08 a copy of this press release.

The greater the number of the more detailed type of emails the board and their minions receive from disgruntled customers that suffer because of the 'robust' methods for making a billion or two that Herr Ralph Dommermuth seems to have exported into the UK the US, and not forgetting the poor sods in Germany who my research tells me have had it harder for a lot longer, the more Herr Dommermuth might come to realise the role that good old honest customer relations might play in enabling him to keep a euro or two.

What say you?

If you need help to make up your mind type into Google either 'streamline.net , legal' or 'fasthosts.co.uk , legal' and possibly even ‘eins und eins’ or ‘1 & 1’ and check the forum entries that present themselves in abundance to gain an objective sense of the human suffering caused since Herr Dommermuth's appearance on the scene, and check German legal advice forums if you want a hint of the affect that this man has had on his own people, and just how bad it is going to become for us all if his philosophy of ‘the most cash taken before the smallest courtesy of support given’ goes unchecked.

  123joey123 09:24 21 Nov 2008

Go to kdinternet. Decent, honest,efficient and cheap

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