web hosting on home pc

  jokiethjones 22:58 13 Sep 2004

i have heard it is possible to turn your own home pc into a web server so you can put your own web site with as much space as you like on the web. is this true? anyone that can help can either post here or mail me on [email protected]

First thing, it isnt advisable to place your email address on a forum....(Spam)

Second it can be done, but you need the PC on 24/7, active net and a bit of time.

Programs like apache can be used, or IIS that is with windows can be used.

Any more info required, just ask!

  jokiethjones 23:18 13 Sep 2004

ok but how?

What OS?

If it is windows based then there should be a program built in, called internet information services that you run (May need OS Disk to install via add remove windows components).

Install and set up.

Then Place files in the directory that you wish to use and go from there.

To allow access you need to set up your internet depending if you have 1 machine on the net or more. Also you will need to know your IP address so that you can then set up a domain name that makes access to your sites easier...

  jokiethjones 00:21 14 Sep 2004

ok im useing xp pro my broadband connection is supplied by tiscali and only one machine so far online(this will change in the future)i have a domain name already and only know one addy for it click here. i was getting hosting from another company but they were not giving enough space unless i paid a huge ammount and my pc is on 24\7 anyway. if you can could you mail me a walkthrough guide on how to do this thanks.

  TomJerry 00:49 14 Sep 2004

It seems that the best free web server software Apache has Win32 version, click here

  TomJerry 00:50 14 Sep 2004

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