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  rupie 01:08 04 Feb 2006

I want to host my own web site on a computer at home. Bandwidth and volume of traffic is not an issue as the site is not designed as anything but a point of reference for my work. At the moment I have site hosting and forwarding by Netscalibur, my ISP (excellent) I have BBand, anything I need to have and anything I need to know ?

  wbiggchiefy 01:11 04 Feb 2006

maybe how to link 3 pc's together inyour own home before moving on to this ( just jokin)

But use a webhosting service its so much easier

  rupie 01:27 04 Feb 2006

do'nt start taking the **********, I get that from the daughter ! I need to know about ip address forwarding and the like. at the moment my domain host forwards to the correct places at my ISP. how do I work out my local address and what virus and fire wall precautions are nneded >?

  wbiggchiefy 02:32 04 Feb 2006

They do all this for you so you don't have to worry - Try 1&1 , fasthosts etc. (sure ure not a scouser?)

Chill its Friday Night - Well Saturday Morning if u want to get technical an I have 4 kids of 5 and under to look after on my own as the missus will be gettin her one lie in of the week so KNOW THE STRESS!

  rdave13 02:37 04 Feb 2006

Bump for tomorrow. wbiggchiefy I've five children but of variouse age and just got my first grandson!!


  wbiggchiefy 02:47 04 Feb 2006

As you are obviously so exprienced with binners would you like 2 look after my 4 trainee terrorists tomorrow - Mr Sainsbury hides in the corner shaking in fear whenever they approach his shop!- so do the rest of the shoppers by the way,

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