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  Churchillhouse 12:37 13 May 2004

I work for a company in Kent and are thinking of Web hosting, not our web site but other person's or companies. How would i go about setting this up?


  Taran 13:12 13 May 2004

Unless you have a very experienced in-house web server manager/administrator then I'd forget the idea completely.

There's nothing stopping you from arranging a managed server with a web host then hosting client sites on it, if you want to.

Likewise, some web hosts offer a reseller package which allows you to pay a sum of money and then sub-let/resell web host acounts under your own name.

A tutorial on setting up dedicated web hosting yourself is way, way beyond the limits of this forum although there are one or two of us who could rise to the challenge.

Perhaps this may put it into perspective for you a bit. I have a long background in server and network administration but I don't host any of my own sites myself. They are all hosted with dedicated web hosting companies who offer excellent service for a remarkably small yearly fee. I also tend to arrange individual hosting packages for my clients which gives them ultimate freedom to do what they like, when they like with their site, without necessarily having to come back to me.

Different designers operate in their own way, but unless I've read your question wrong, I'd sugegst you either look into leasing a managed server or arrange a reseller package with a large web host. If and when things go wrong with an account on a web host server, they are at fault and not you. If you run your own hosting company and something goes wrong, you are at fault and are answerable to your clients...

  Gaz 25 01:01 15 May 2004

I run my own public webserver, but I must warn you. Last week the whole thing was hacked.

There are many issues to consider. Taran is right, unless you know your stuff them think twice. Though if you really want to then I could provide the inforamtion you need.

First of all, some major points:

Running a webserver from windows is opening a window to hackers!

Running it on linux is better, but please set-up IPTABLES correctly, this would require a professional to set-up safely and correctly.

Ensure the 'server' is protected by all windows updates or linux updates, and check often.

Add GOOD antivirus with auto-delete/repair for any viruses, maybe a good idea to have a Gateway firewall.

Install software (id say kerio, or agnitum) firewall AND a hardware firewall.

Make sure PHP, apache, SQL are all updated versions.

Check with your ISP that you CAN run a webserver, you may have to move to business broadband to use it.

If you want help in setting up a server, please e-mail me directly, by clicking the envelope next to my name.


  Forum Editor 08:39 15 May 2004

is a minefield, and unless you have a considerable amount of technical know-how at your disposal you're going to run into big trouble, right from the start.

It's one thing running one site on a personal web server (although even that isn't something I would recommend), but charging customers for hosting services is another game altogether. Think long and hard about this before getting involved - the mere fact that you're asking for advice on a magazine web forum indicates that your level of expertise probably isn't high enough yet, and mistakes in the hosting business can be very costly indeed.

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