web host problem

  joshuasite 17:31 09 Jan 2006

If you view my site click here , you will not get the index page but a parent folder, cgi folder and the website folder.
Can I fix this myself or is down to the host ?

My webhost crashed its server mid dec and reinstalled an old back up of my site.
They havent replied to emails and telephone calls go unanswered since dec 14th.

Now when I try to upload the newer version of the site using FTP , I dont know where to send the files as I have far more folders there than I had before.
I have the normal _ftp , _html & www files.
Any help would be great , I know Im going to have to move host asap,
I'd just like to update whats there before I move if I can.

  joshuasite 20:23 09 Jan 2006

yes the hum90 folder is my site , if you click on it the url becomes hum90/hum90 and shows the site.

when I connect via ftp I get the following folders.and I cannot get a higher level.

this is then followed by

I sent a file to the www folder & the the public folder but nothing changed if you used the click here url.

When I open the www & public file I see the cgi & hum90 folders in both.

So which one should I sent the site to??

  PurplePenny 21:18 09 Jan 2006

You don't need to get to a higher level. That parent folder is where your site should be, *not* in that hum90 folder. As John says your site has ended up one level too deep.

Where you see cgi-bin and hum90 you should be seeing cgi-bin, index.html, dvd.htm, uk-fans.htm etc..

When you say that you sent a file to both www and public_html what exactly did you send? Did you send it straight to the public_html or www folders or did you put your new stuff into the hum90 folder? Try sending *just* your index.html file to public_html.

BTW right-click prevention is very, very easy to circumvent.

  joshuasite 23:43 09 Jan 2006

I have now hopefully fixed it,I realised what you meant and started trying myself and well I've resent everything up and a quick look just now seems to have it back in some working order ,
although I will need to check it properly tommorrow as Ive been at it all day today.

Thank you both for answering as I was pulling my hair out for ages.

Now its there I can look about for a better host , so if you know of a reliable one, I need 250mb of space and 15GB of bandwidth and a a fair monthly price let me know.

As to the right click , I know its easy to circumvent but some people are just to lazy to get around it.
I got hotlinked last year as well and so
I'd like to be able to use a better code or system but Im still ( as you can properly tell) very unsure what I'm doing with codes and things.
Can you point me in the right direction?

Again many thanks for your help.

  joshuasite 14:53 10 Jan 2006

Thanks again for your help John,

As to the catch 22 with the name, the domain name is held with a different company so can I just not get them to changed the DNS servers to a new host once I choose one?

My current host , who were never a problem to me before the server crashed in Dec 05 is Mammothdata.com ,anybody else had dealings with them?
I have been with them for over 2 years now and they were always ever so helpful and available before.

  joshuasite 14:39 11 Jan 2006

Hi John , yes that craig is me , the name was already in use when I tried to join the forum.

What I meant was that I originally brought the domain name and that is held by dotreg.com and the hosting was through mammothdata.com ,
so I was thinking that I would be able to get a new host and then get dotreg to point my domian name to the new hosts servers ,is that not the case?

The broken link you found on mammoth is there live help link.
I tried contacting wv fiber by email and no response, I even rang them as soon as I mentioned mammoth the line cut off , then I gave up and joined here.

  joshuasite 14:37 12 Jan 2006

Thanks John , I'll look into that.

  Forum Editor 18:22 12 Jan 2006

you shouldn't have your domain name parked with one company and your website hosted with another. Just ask company A to point the name to company B's nameservers. Often you can do this yourself via an online control panel.

A better solution would be to move the name to the company which hosts your site - just ask the parking company to do it. Provided the name is registered to you there are no reasons for them to delay, but I'm afraid that in the real world there are often delays, as the parking company doesn't want to part with the name - whilst it's on their server there's a chance they can get some more money from you.

  joshuasite 16:05 17 Jan 2006

Hi thanks for your reply ,
As I pointed out its the webhost that are the problem, I can't make contact with them , no replies to emails and phone calls.

So Im trying to get away from them (the host)rather than move my Domain name to them as well,like your suggesting,
With the name being hosted with another company its a blessing in disguise I would have thought in this case.

So all I need to do is move the host , rather than the name , and then get the domain company to change the nameservers to the new host, is that right ?

  Forum Editor 17:47 17 Jan 2006

your problem is a simple one.

All you need to do is find a new host, sign up for a suitable package, and tell the parking company to point the name to the new host. Or transfer the name into the new host - by far the best solution.

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