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  expertec 20:11 31 Jul 2004

Is there an easy way to set up a form and have it on a web page, so it can e-mail the results the results to the webmaster, without using frontpage server extensions. (Can use Frontpage to make the page though)

  expertec 20:11 31 Jul 2004

That is, send the results from the browser. Not make it open the user's e-mail client.

  Charence 20:37 31 Jul 2004

...the server must have ASP/IIS or ColdFusion or Php or support mail service.

Which one do you want to use?

  Talented Monkey 21:26 31 Jul 2004

This is how it works, in plain English I hope! A standard web page form is filled in by the visitor, when they click the submit button the data is sent to a “script” either as a stand alone “programme” or embedded into source code of another webpage

This code will then process the forms data and send it to the email address you wanted via your webhosts mail server. A lot of these “programmes” are written in languages like Perl which have special commands to access the mailserver direct.

Before we proceed it will help to know the following.

1 Are you allowed to access the mail server? If you have a paid hosting account then the answer is more than likely yes. Many free hosting accounts do not. If you have been told a SENDMAIL path by your hosting company such as /usr/sbin/sendmail then you most definitly have!

2. Do you have PHP available ?

3.Are you allowed to run your own scripts and have a directory available to run them,normally folder called CGI-BIN

4. How experienced are you hand tinkering and altering code, as you will proberbly need to do this to some sort of degree.

Anyway once we know all this then we can make a more better guess as to what your best option is.

  Charence 22:12 31 Jul 2004

my post should have said "or support for mail service"

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