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  Chaz2003 18:24 24 Sep 2003

I it posible to get a web editor so that u dont need to do any HTML on thw website u just select stuff.

  : : Radioactive Frog : : 19:48 24 Sep 2003

as i understand your question you want a package to design a site without having to know html? would that be right?

well there are loads out there

my favourite is macromedia dreamweaver (you can download a demo from the macromedia site)

there is also frontpage but im not too keen on it but it is great for beginners!

Hope this helps

  Taran 01:15 25 Sep 2003

For newcomers who want an easy to use package that will take them right up to professional level, you won't go far wrong with Microsoft FrontPage. It is the only program I know of that has so many easy to use features, tutorials and hand holding while still being capable of producing highly professional and secure projects once you reach that stage.

Macromedia Dreamweaver and Adobe GoLive are right at the top of the tree as web editors go, but the learning curve for them is comparatively steep, as is their price tag.

I'd suggest you think of FrontPage, possibly followed by NetObjects Fusion as the easiest programs to use that are fully featured editors. There are cheaper alternatives but they lack many of the functions you may well need in the future.

At the end of the day the program you use is secondary. Your ability to design and think in page layouts is key to producing good web pages and sites, and any simple text editor like Notepad can be used to write the code, assuming you know HTML. The above mentioned programs remove the necessity to learn HTML first, but you will still need to learn coding at some stage.

  slowhand_1000 23:04 25 Sep 2003

I found HotMetal ok to use, quite user friendly (for me anyway). I try (try being the operative word) to use Dreamweaver now, but still go back to HotMetal now and again.

One of the things I like about HotMetal is that apart from the usual windows for WYSIWYG, HTML, and a split to show both together. You also get a very handy WYSIWYG screen that also shows the tags. Very handy for people like myself who are still trying to get a grip of HTML.

  Hedontownee 21:00 29 Sep 2003

If I could include a comment?
I have used Webford for some time and find it very easy to use
I have tried a lot of editors but always seem to prefer Webford

  Gaz 25 17:19 06 Oct 2003

There are many out there! Just have a look and play about with trials.

  Forum Editor 18:16 06 Oct 2003

you end up using, you'll need to put in a fair amount of hard work if you expect to end up with a decent web site.

Site design isn't just about HTML code (whether it's hand-written or generated by a WYSIWYG program). The success of a site depends to a very large degree on its appearance, layout, content, and navigation. Work on those to begin with, and use a WYSIWYG program to take care of the HTML. Later, when you've gained experience, you can start delving into your sites underlying code.

Like Taran, I believe that MS FrontPage is the nearest thing to a perfect solution for someone who is starting out in web design, and it will keep pace with you right up to the point where you are designing complex sites which interact with data sources. Other than FrontPage, I suggest NetObjects Fusion as a suitable application - it's another program that can please both beginner and expert alike.

  Pesala 19:05 07 Oct 2003

I created my first website with version 2.02 with no previous experience. A friend helped me put it up on the server, but I did all the hard work myself without having to learn any HTML coding. It was just like using a DTP program. You can see the results of my first attempt here: click here

Net Objects 4 is even easier to use, and considerably more powerful. You can see my second attempt here: click here

Once you have designed the site, it is very easy to move pages about without breaking any links. You can publish the entire site, any selected branch, or any selected page, so it is simple to update your site too once it is up and running.

  handful 12:43 08 Oct 2003

I find Frontpage easiest to use but working out how the extensions work was a bit tricky. I keep trying to get into dreamweaver as it is supposed to be far superior and easy when you get the hang of it.

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