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  exprog 12:37 30 Jun 2010

My son has started to design a website, using Web Easy professional 8. The software seems very good to use. However he now wants to sign up with a web host.

Web Easy recommend using their own host, which I believe is "Ieasy". Has anybody used this host and if so are they any good.

Perhaps, some other web host could be recommended based on own experience.

It seems to be a minefield, as there are so many out there.

Any recommendations woiuld be appreciated.

  babybell 14:30 30 Jun 2010

click here

I use the above for all my web hosting.

Their cheapest package is just £9 a year, or £7.50 if you buy over 2 years.

For that you get 100mb of disk space and unlimited Bandwidth.

If you Son's website has a lot of images/movies then you might want to step up to the next package, but even that is only £25 a year.

  obi-wan-kenobi 23:44 30 Jun 2010

Try hosting yourself with apache server on you home computer, its free and a great place to start to get to know computers.

click here

Try this site, very easy to follow and they also have lots of other tutorials.

My current site is hosted on my home server click here

  komin 07:37 01 Jul 2010

you may visit this site click here
It has the best cheap, affordable web hosting which is reliable, has many features, and offers top quality support.

  Forum Editor 23:30 01 Jul 2010

that anyone tries to host their own website at home.

Apart from the obvious fact that you'll have to leave the computer running on a 26/7 basis, there are all kinds of security risks invoilved.

  obi-wan-kenobi 00:05 02 Jul 2010

you can set up a web server on any "old" pc that doesn't even need to be a fast/quick pc...

  Forum Editor 23:05 02 Jul 2010

You can indeed set up a web server on almost any PC, but as has already been pointed out, there's a little more to running a successful (and safe) web server than you seem to appreciate.

Running public access web servers is fraught with potential security problems, and apart from anything else you may find that you are in breach of the terms and conditions of the agreement you entered into with your ISP if you operate a web server on a domestic connection. You may certainly find yourself faced with bandwidth throttling if your traffic figures reach appreciable levels.

I strongly advise against doing it unless there's a compelling reason - there are dozens of professional hosting companies which can provide safe,fast, inexpensive hosting packages.

  exprog 09:11 03 Jul 2010

Thanks for your comments. I would certainly never consider hosting my own website as an option.

He hasn't made his mind up about which host. but I think he will go with the Web Easy host, which has three months free with the software.

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