WEB Domain sale

  baldyx 13:02 06 Mar 2006

I want to sell my Domain names but don't know the selling price. Any help will be appreciated.

  johndrew 14:12 06 Mar 2006

Surely the price will depend on how attractive they are to any prospective buyer(s), how many buyers there are and the current state of the market?

Perhaps you should look at an online auction site to get a feel for the state of play.

  pj123 15:49 06 Mar 2006

Like johndrew says. How desirable are they?

It's like buying car number plates. I am quite happy to buy a car with the plates it already has but, say, for example if my name was Cyril and I saw a number plate CYR 1L for sale I might be tempted to buy it. And depending on how much I wanted it would determine the price I'd pay.

  spuds 16:39 06 Mar 2006

There are a number of Domain Name brokers about. Contact one of them, and see if they are interested.

Remember though, that having purchased a domain name(then trying to sell or use it), that sounds like a well known product etc, may bring high powered legal letters to your door.

  baldyx 23:26 09 Mar 2006

Thanks all

  [DELETED] 07:48 10 Mar 2006

This might give you some ideas:
click here

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