web directory path?

  JAC13 19:15 05 Mar 2008

Hi all
I use heart internet hosting company and use Shozam online gallery generator to display Ants photos. Somehow I have managed to lose the path url to upload to. Im not sure how to explain it but I will try...basically when I edit or add a new album in shozam, I have to then ftp the files upto heart. I have my ftp address but im not sure where the album should be placed in my file manager for it to display on my 'gallery page'. click here for my site. Go to the gallery tab and click motorsport. The gallery is hyperlinked to the file in heart. What should the web directory field display? I figured it would be :

'click here'
or have I got this wrong or missed something off?
hope I have explained ok.

  JAC13 19:16 05 Mar 2008

sorry, auto changes to a link, but you can see what I typed at the top of browser.

  JAC13 19:16 05 Mar 2008

the site is click here

  skidzy 19:24 05 Mar 2008

Maybe click here though all this is new to me so watching with interest.

  JAC13 19:32 05 Mar 2008

No, no skidzy...you are not understanding, or am I not understanding you? I am relatively new to all this too so its probably something simple that I cannot see. A friend of a friend help me with the ftp side of things when I first built the site and entered all the info ie, the web directory address where the 'motorsport gallery' (within the 'galleries' page) is housed. Ive just been adding a new album to the gallery and the info has all been preset for me, until this morning I cameto upload a new album and found all the preset info had gone. Ive gotten my username, pass etc from my hosting company but I just dont know what is meant to be entered in the web directory path for the amended gallery to upload and overwrite the one showing under 'motorsport gallery'.
confusing, I know.

  skidzy 19:37 05 Mar 2008

Sorry Jak im lost ?
Normally i can answer or research the question,but this i have no idea.
My reply will at least bump you up the page.

Though i would urge you to post in the WebDesign forum,here they have dedicated members who may well specialise in this field click here

  Forum Editor 19:39 05 Mar 2008

in the webdesign forum about this, and that's the right place for it. Please don't post duplicate threads in different forums.

I'll lock this now, and you can continue with the webdesign forum version.

This thread is now locked and can not be replied to.

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