Web design.Any help for a complete novice like me?

  AlanRLong50 12:21 04 Mar 2007

Hello.After having my computer for two years,I'm getting quite good at looking after it and enjoying being connected to the world.Please bear in mind I'm 53 now and self-taught but would like to take on a new challenge.I would like to create,design and publish a simple website of no more than 10/15 pages.I would like to know which jargon-free firms/websites/softwares for dummies(like me),that use simple, easy-to-follow instructions that I can purchase all the tools needed to do a website from please? Thank you very much for your kind help and hope to hear from you soon.Alan.

  adamcoppard 13:36 04 Mar 2007

you don't need a thing. just notepad, or download a three html editor from click here

  Forum Editor 13:44 04 Mar 2007

is what software you're going to use. There are many programs avalable, some excellent, some not so good, and you have to start somewhere.

I think that it's worth getting something that will enable you to get a site up and running fairly quickly, and then will keep pace with you as you become more proficient and ambitious. With this in mind, you couldn't really do better than a program called NetObects Fusion, which is easy to learn, and has a huge range of ready-made site templates and styles to get you going. You can read all about it if you click here

NetObjects has very comprehensive help files, and I doubt that you'll need anything further to get you started.

Once you have your software you'll need to have somewhere to host your new site, and although your ISP will undoubtedly provide you free space, if you're at all serious about this you'll want your own domain name and a 'proper' web-hosting account. This isn't nearly as expensive as some people think, and you'll have access to tools and facilities that an ISP free space just won't have.

Take a look at click here as an example of a first-rate hosting company. They'll even provide you with some free web-design software to get you started, if you don't fancy buying your own.

Once you have all that sorted out you'll be on the learning curve, and most people find it all a bit confusing at the beginning. It will gradually sart to fall into place however, and you can come here for help and advice as often as you need to.

  Forum Editor 13:46 04 Mar 2007

I wouldn't personally recommend a complete beginner to begin by hand-coding everything. Modern software makes it unnecessary, and no professional designer would work that way nowadays.

  barryoneoff.co.uk 00:02 05 Mar 2007

as you when I got my first PC in 2002 and after discovering the internet built a site two months later (very rough, but at least I tried). I improved it over the next couple of years by using FE's recommendation, NOF. I did build a small website in Notepad a couple of years ago, just to prove I could do it, but as FE says, it is totally unecessary these days. Most of these HTML purists have plenty of time on their hands and can afford to waste the time. If you want a simple to use program with the option of getting in deep if you choose I advise NOF every time.

  olivio 19:41 07 Mar 2007

My website is click here and if u go to drum and bass page on it i have a couple of music files on it.
Please can someone check my page and tell me how to put those videos on that page into a scrolling bar so i can reduce the page space. i tried piczo pro and it locked down at da moment so i cant access it. I just want to reduce page size or if you have any tips about web deigning pleases contact me

  barryoneoff.co.uk 22:49 07 Mar 2007

starting a new thread. No one will find your query on the end of someone elses problem.

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