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  steve263000 03:55 10 Feb 2010

I have built a few sites in the past but that was a couple of years ago and due to work and home problems have not had the time to go back and update them.

However I am retiring soon and will have some more time and would like to go back and redo my sites and perhaps build something else. Can someone let me know good WYSIWYG software that has a reasonable learning curve to it? Free if possible and note the word 'retiring'! I don't want it to complicated if possible!

Thanks in advance. Steve

  beynac 11:34 10 Feb 2010

You could try KompoZer: click here

I have had a quick play with it and it seems quite good. However, I haven't gone into any depth with it.

  steve263000 20:26 10 Feb 2010

The reason that I said free and easy is that I will only have a limited time even after retirement. I will have a disabled wife to look after as well. I would have liked to take web design classes but I just will not be able to leave her for a good amount of time.

I have looked at KompoZer and it looks OK but for me probably a bit more of a learning curve than I want at the moment. I still have front page on my old computer and have used that.

Can I still build with that even though it is not supported these days?

  steve263000 05:03 11 Feb 2010

Thanks forum member. I will wait now for a couple of months until I finish up and then try FP again. As you have said fairly uncomplicated sites, (and that is all that I would do) should be OK

  steve263000 13:10 11 Feb 2010

What does the forum think of this software. click here The price is negligable and it seems to do what I want. FP of course although useable is getting out of date and at least this is up to date.

  scotty 09:08 16 Feb 2010

I suggest you read up on Content Management Systems (CMS) such as Joomla and Drupal to see if they fit the bill (and they are free).

  123joey123 14:16 03 Mar 2010

I suggest you buy Serif Web Plus X4
It is very cheap for what you get and it will do anything any web designer could want

  steve263000 07:26 04 Mar 2010

Thanks Joey. I am still looking through the options. I might go with Dreamweaver and spend the money. But Net Objects fusion 10 has been given away with PCA this month and I have tried that before and that is another option. I thank you all for the help and advice and will close this as resolved now.

  steve263000 07:19 23 May 2010

Hi all,

Well I have finished now and after paying the bills my funds are a little lower than I had hoped. BUt I do want to get back in to the web and I have found a few bits of software I would like some advice on.

click here The price is in my bracket but is it good?

click here What about this one? WebEasy8?

If you can think of more that I have missed please let me know. As you will see from the ones that I have chosen it will be more for personal use and simplicity. I do not expect to make it a business. If that came I would have to think again.

  steve263000 17:05 26 May 2010

I have finally decided after thinking about it and searching the web to go for Serif Web Plus X4. I will close this post now and thanks to all that posted comments and help.

The reason for this post is the price of the item. Serif want £79.95 for the software, but after a quick search on Ebay, I found it for £50, a good saving and making it worth the money for sure.

I just hope that I can get good use out of it. When I have changed my site I will put it here for critique. Once again thanks for the help.

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