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  JayDay 14:15 01 Apr 2004

I am new to web design and currently building a little site using MS Frontpage.

1. How do I password protect one of the pages. I want to publish family pics on one of the pages but don't want every tom dick or harry to look at them.

2. Any good sites for free web buttons, backgrounds etc.

3. If you are going to tell Frontpage is crap then give me an alternative, but bear in mind I'm a novice.

  keith-236785 14:28 01 Apr 2004


Microsoft office.

microsoft publisher

notepad (not easy)

as for the protecting things, if you dont want it to be seen then dont put it on the web.

hopefully someone will come up with a better answer for you, but at least this should bump you to the top again

  ©®@$? 14:28 01 Apr 2004

try namo web editor trial, and it is the easiest one i have used

click here for pass protect scripts and instructions

click here to creat your own free banners

and as for buttons, namo web editor has its own you can use , or simply copy an image/icon from the internet, and insert it into your webeditor and hyperlink it so it acts as a button

  Chegs ® 14:29 01 Apr 2004

click here

These questions have been asked before,have a read thru the posts in PCA Web Design forum.

  Smiler 14:30 01 Apr 2004

Web design questions should be asked on the webdesign forum ;-)))))

  JayDay 16:19 01 Apr 2004

Thanks ©®@$? worked a treat.

paperman27 - Someone did come up with better answer.

Smiler - no one reads the web design forum. Got 4 results from this one. nil from Web Design forum.

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