web design (not build) help!

  lozzalady 18:53 16 Nov 2009

Hello Everyone. I've joined the group as I've just started my own business and I need a website. (oh yes i surely do). I thought someone out there might be able to help.

Oddly I kind of understand the technical part of a site build but I don't understand the design element.

I have reg the domain name and now need someone to design my corp identity. So the question is: by trade is someone who does corp identity, the same person that 'designs' a website, or is the person who designs the website also the web builder?

It's confusing since when you talk to a company about doing the above they talk about 'we' - no idea how many people behind closed doors and their role would be. As a start up I can't afford a company anyway, so would like to use a freelancer - but how many?!

I don't want to build from a template so will defo need a designer but I'm so unsure of all their specific roles. Help!!

  Forum Editor 19:21 16 Nov 2009

you'll find that site designers will also be competent graphic designers too, and they'll offer a corporate identity design service. Not all site designers will do this however, so you'll need to ask individual web designers when you first approach them.

Site design has become a good deal more sophisticated than it was years ago, when I first started designing sites for clients. In those days we were expected to do the lot, from concept to completion. Nowadays you'll often find that a designer will come up with the overall concept - layout,colour,style, etc. Then a developer might become involved and handle the functionality,scripts, databases, and so on. I tend to stick to designing now, and use freelancers for the server-side technicalities - it's faster.

Shop around, and get different quotes. You'll find that prices will vary considerably, so always ask to see previous work.

  ajm 23:09 16 Nov 2009

I was in the same situation as you were. As a self-employed IT Consultant, I hastily built my web-site, but it didnt portray the image I wanted od professionalism. I therefore enlisted the services of a web-designer in the States and he did a wonderful job.

The wonderful thing is that it was designed in Wordpress, so I make the changes myself and add/delete content accordingly.

I can recommend him if you want me to - just drop me an email using the yellow envelope

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