Web Design Career Advice Please

  ArmlessHobo 13:04 29 Sep 2009


I'm 22 and have been interested in Web Design for quite some time now, I enjoy doing it as a hobby and since I'm stuck in a dead-end job that I hate I was looking to change careers into something I enjoyed a bit more.

My problem comes here, while I'm fine with the coding side of web design, I catch onto new codes farily quickly. My design work is not very good, im not a naturally artistic person and struggle to make my sites look professional and, well, pretty :P

Would it be worth me persuing this and trying to improve on the design side or should I move on and try my hand at something else?



  ArmlessHobo 15:31 29 Sep 2009

Yes thats no problem, I thought as much.

Like I said i'm good at the other side of web design and can pick codes up very quickly. Would there be any other route I could go down possibly related to Web Design?

  Forum Editor 00:58 30 Sep 2009

Specialise in a technical skill - databases, or script writing for instance, and freelance your services to the web design fraternity.

I design lots of sites for corporate clients, but I don't pretend to be a Jack of all trades - I buy in specialist services from freelancers, and so do large numbers of other designers. You'll be up against a million or so very good people on the Indian sub-continent who work very rapidly and very reasonably from a cost point of view, but if you're good you can have the edge over them in terms of service.

A good design sense is virtually impossible to teach - you either have it or you don't, and fourm member is right - if you don't have a flair for design you may be wasting your time trying.

Find a niche and fill it - you'll be surprised at how many web designers will happily pay a specialist freelancer to do things they can't do. themselves.

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