WEB Design, any good starter points.

  Craigmave 19:22 26 Aug 2003

Hi there. I am interested in setting up my own web site but dont have the first clue of how to go about it. I am not gifted with the code to write the more flashy web pages but would love to hear from anyone that has set up a pretty cool site with a simple program. Thanks for any help.

  PªūĽ ? ♂ 23:23 26 Aug 2003

Not cool but certainly geeky, My first site was designed using microsoft front page, click here My second page was designed using Macromedia Dreamweaver MX click here If you go for a free webhost try to avoid one that makes its money from pop ups. Its a dead cert turn off for me, as you can see if you looked the Netfirms has a banner ad on it. But I have never had any pop ups. Try to avoid flashing objects, Gaudy backgrounds, And large images that take a day to load. Macromedia Dreamweaver is available on a 30 day trial from, click here And is a more than capable program for designing great sites, Good luck and let us know how you get on.

  Craigmave 00:01 27 Aug 2003

Thanks Paul, cheers for the advice. Nice pages !

  GregB 13:08 27 Aug 2003

I started off creating web pages by learning HTML, and simply using Notepad. Fairly straight forward - just find a nice and easy tutorial off the 'Net and away you go.

Frontpage and Word are the very quick solutions, no need to worry about whats happening behind the scenes, and you can quite easily create a fairly comprehensive site in under an hour.

A fairly basic, but purposefully website that I've built (and its still under a bit of construction) is <A HREF="click here>here</A>, for my local football team. Quick to load, due to no pictures, but unfortuately one pop (too tight to splash out!). This site was created using Word in under an hour.

  Gaz 25 01:10 06 Sep 2003

As per experiance, ( I AM no professional web designer)

Word is a bad idea, with its Microsoft specific code it does not display on all computers correctly, and is very problematic, it cannot create good code, as with the better brand Webmakers.

Such as Namo Webeditor, or the best of all DREAMWEAVER and Webfusion.

But HTML is very easy to pick up, I can create a very basic one out of HTML now, but nothing too professional, but its not bad.

You need to start by using something like click here or click here


  barryoneoff.co.uk 15:10 06 Sep 2003

Net Objects Fusion is extremely easy to use, it also alows you to add your own HTML if you need to. I have also taken notice and advice from more experienced designers than me (FE was a great help). Eventually, after showing off that I could add bells and whistles and fancy backgrounds, I took their advice and changed it to 'plain and simple' click here or click here

Good luck, Whiz...

  sciguyryan 18:44 06 Sep 2003

Like i said the programs such as html-kit, handyhtml and coffeeecup html editor are all great but, as an experienced web programer i use the html-kit becayse opf its many features...

  Gaz 25 23:53 09 Sep 2003

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