Web Cams - can you help?

  BlackSapphire 10:55 30 Jul 2004

I want to buy a replacement for my old Logitech webcam, and I'm a bit confused by all the different programmes they come with. For instance, I will soon be needing to hold video conference (I think it's called) with a teacher in Australia but here's the thing: Am I able to do that just by buying a camera that supports IM video only, or do I need one which has Netmeeting etc. Most of the cameras I've looked at have one or the other, and I'm not entriely sure whether it makes any difference or not. AOL (which I use but not sure what teacher uses) carries video messaging with IM's and I don't know whether that's goiung to be enough, or whether I need to spend loads buying a camera that has all the bells and whistes attached to it.

Thanks in advance.

  Magik ®© 11:08 30 Jul 2004

all the progs you need can be downloaded, as for the webcam, about the best is Logitech 4000 pro, with built in mic, got mine from Amazon...

  Stuartli 11:14 30 Jul 2004

A straightforward D-Link NetEasy 350 Pro, costing less than £20, has a proper CCD sensor, is capable of 640x480 resolution and matches Creative etc equivalents of at least twice the price.

Video-conferencing can be done in various ways, including via NetMeeting, ICQ etc.

  BlackSapphire 11:29 30 Jul 2004

Think I had a Logitech 4000 pro but I'm not au fait with video conferencing and have no-one else to test it with, so I have to try and get something set up where we are both using similar software - think Net Meeting is probably the best but I'm beginning to understand the difference between the blurb on manufacturers lists - where they say post video messages, this isn't the same as live video, which is what I need. Also has anyone got any views on this little newbie to the market jclick here
Would this do the job?

  Stuartli 14:10 30 Jul 2004

Quite neat and a must for gadget lovers - but don't try picking your nose thinking you are out of shot...:-)

  BlackSapphire 15:10 30 Jul 2004

LOL, thanks guys.

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