Web Cam software compatible with Win XP and 98

  [DELETED] 10:17 15 Sep 2003

I am running XP Home and my contact is running Win 98. Can anyone recommend good soft ware to run a Web Cam meeting (using original operating systems)? Both computers already have web cams connected.

  sil_ver 12:22 15 Sep 2003

Have you tried Microsoft netmeeting?

  [DELETED] 09:08 16 Sep 2003

Unfortunately Microsoft Netmeeting directs new clients to Windows Messenger, and therefore Windows XP. Anyone have other suggestions?

  sil_ver 12:04 16 Sep 2003

Not used this myself but perhaps worth a look. click here I know in the past there was difficulty in getting XP to work with W98 using MSNetmeeting.

  [DELETED] 12:46 16 Sep 2003

I've used Yahoo Messenger - it works very well with webcams and microphones on a one to one (point-to-point) meeting. Very easy to set up too and isn't OS specific.

  [DELETED] 13:01 16 Sep 2003

cant find any faults with this free program,works alongside msn/yahoo/aol/Have a go and see for yourself....click here

  [DELETED] 13:37 17 Sep 2003

This soft ware downloaded quickly and easily and the program looks a tho it will do the job nicely

  Border View 12:52 11 Oct 2004

How did Eyeball com work out? Was it OK. I am in the same situation that you found yourself. Contact has XP and I am on 98SE.

Wondered if anyone else has experience of Eyeball or is there other software to use.

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