web cam

  dottylotty 14:39 29 Mar 2005

my web cam works ok but after about 15 mins or less i get disconnected off the net . i have 2 hard drives C is only a very small one not much space left and E had about 94% left cud it be the memory i have on C drive where cams loaded on to if so how can i change it to E drive

  Yoda Knight 14:43 29 Mar 2005

what OS are you using ? Lack of disk space could very well be the cause of your problem. While it may be possible to overcome this temporarily, in the long run you would be best clearing up space on your c: drive

  dottylotty 14:58 29 Mar 2005

ive cleaned every thing i can off C carnt see wot else i can move off with out ruining stuff ive had cam running of b4 x

  Yoda Knight 15:02 29 Mar 2005

how much space do u have available ? (Go to my computer, right-click on c: and choose properties.)

Have u emptied your recycle bin and temporary internet files out ?

  Yoda Knight 15:05 29 Mar 2005

Are you using dialup or broadband ?

  plsndrs3 15:10 29 Mar 2005

Tried CCleaner? click here

  dottylotty 15:53 29 Mar 2005

got xp sevice pack 2, dail up every thinging deleted and cleaned out 1.56ghz. 480 mb of ram

  plsndrs3 15:58 29 Mar 2005

I would still use Ccleaner as this will probably find even more. Free at click here [previous link was no good!]]

  Yoda Knight 16:09 29 Mar 2005

RAM is not the same as hard drive space....

how much hard drive space do u have available ? Go to my computer, right-click on c: and choose properties.

  dottylotty 16:15 29 Mar 2005

602mb free space

  Yoda Knight 16:21 29 Mar 2005

The problem is not space related then... Although thats not a lot of space, it shouldnt affect your connection.

Do you get any error messages when it disconnects ? Have you had your phone line checked for excessive noise ?

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