Web building: The Basics please.?

  tein 22:16 09 Aug 2009

Hi im very new too all this so please have mercy on me, I am after finding out a few things about building my own website, I have bought my Domain from this website: click here & I found them 50% cheaper than anywhere else, At the moment I have just a very basic framework on my website so thinking towards advancing the site I need to ask some questions I’d be VERY grateful if any of
them can be answered? they are:

I want to upload lots of photos so I believe I need a Domain Host where I can store then info/photos if I am correct WHO offers the best deals.?

What security software do I need for the site.? I wasn’t aware I needed any.? Can you give me any examples please & why I need it.?

Is there any free software to help build the site from scratch?

Thank you so much!

  OTT_Buzzard 23:19 09 Aug 2009

but not enough space to describe everything. So here's a very condensed summary:

1. Work out how much storage capacity you actually need. Uploading phot's is one thing , but the size of the pictures is another thing altogether

2. How much bandwidth do you need? I.e. how much data will be downloaded from your site each month?

3. Do you need a dedicated IP address?

4. Do you need email addresses included? If so how many?

5. Not so sure on security. If you're storng / distributing sensitive information then you need to go to a specialist supplier. If not then don't worry about it.

6. What other server support do you need (e.g. php, mySQL etc)?

7. Budget....

All this will define what kind of package is best for you.....

  tein 18:20 11 Aug 2009

OTT_Buzzard sorry for the late reply!

Thankyou so much your infomation is so much needed!!


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