web browser and javascript

  SteevScotland 00:36 22 Nov 2005

When I try to view web pages using both internet explorer 6 and firefox i get the following error message.

unfortunately your browser cannot read javascript, which is needed to view this site

please update your browser to the latest version

As far as i know i have made no changes to my browsers and i was able to view all web pages no problem a few days ago. Is there any other changes that could cause this.

Cheers S

  Skyver 00:44 22 Nov 2005

Does this page say the same? click here

  SteevScotland 00:49 22 Nov 2005

Thanks for the quick reply! No I can see both grey boxes. thats strange.
Cheers S

  Skyver 00:57 22 Nov 2005

Do you get the errors on specific pages?

  SteevScotland 01:11 22 Nov 2005

The page i pasted the error message from was click here

Also i just tried to look at the jeans section on the topman website and although all the links at the top appear i cant see the products. I thought it was a problem at their end but it works fine on my laptop. its odd because the other pages on the site work.

Cheers S

  Skyver 01:15 22 Nov 2005

I could be wrong but the only bit of Java is the opening Enter button, the rest of the site is done with Flash, perhaps yours needs updating or re-installing.

  SteevScotland 01:18 22 Nov 2005

I'll give that a try
Cheers S

  Skyver 01:19 22 Nov 2005

Go into Security in Internet Explorer options and make sure Active Scripting is enabled - I realise that doesn't help if it happens in Firefox too.

  ashdav 01:30 22 Nov 2005

I had a similar problem recently and cured it by installing the latest releases of Java,Shock and Flash (using Firefox incidently)
click here
download Windows offline installation)
click here download and install Flash and Shock.

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