web browser e-mail link opens the correct mail programme but not the new mail window.

  maa970f 12:07 12 Jan 2013


Outlook Express and Firefox. As the subject says, I occasionally wish to access my e-mail from Firefox when a link is presented. Previously clicking such a link opened the New Mail window in Outlook Express. Now it just opens Outlook Express. As these links usually have a pre programmed message, opening the 'New Mail' window manually doesn't really help? Is this a Firefox problem as I have always up dated to the latest Firefox version.



  lotvic 12:30 12 Jan 2013

You could try resetting the default email program support.mozilla.org first reset it to 'always ask' and then close down Firefox. Then open Firefox and reset it to Outlook Express and close down and open again. (to be certain FF clears its prior memory and saves the new setting)

If that doesn't work then it might be a bug in the latest FF

  maa970f 12:53 12 Jan 2013

Hello Lotvic,

thank you for the suggestion but it is still the same. If you click on the application details, it brings up msin.exe which seems to me to be the main Outlook Express application? Perhaps that is where the glitch is? I'll try Firefox help and see if anything comes back?


  maa970f 13:21 12 Jan 2013

hello Lotvic,


From a reply in the Firefox help the following was suggested.

Close Outlook Express and then at the Run command type msimn/reg, this actually brought up an error message but apparently writes to the register.

Open Outlook Express and in the options 'General' tab 'This application is the default mail handler' Click the box to make this so if not checked.

Go to the Firefox Tools/Options/Applications and I now had Outlook Express(default) as a choice (As well as Outlook Express). Selecting the (Default) option and the problem was removed.


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