This web browser choice thing - can I get rid?

  Garawa 10:55 03 Mar 2010

This thing that MS had to do with opening up competition to other web browsers has slowed my pc massively! It has put a desktop icon on the screen and I have had to wait for over 5 minutes to see my desktop icons just because the pc was waiting for that blooming screen to come up!

Will it come up every time?
It is not in add/remove programs so can it be removed?

I don't want or need that to keep coming up every time so how can I get rid?

  Graphicool1 11:05 03 Mar 2010

...Running 'System Restore' to a time before you allowed MS to install it. Then set your MS updates to allow you to decide what you want and what you don't before it installs them. When something comes up you don't want tick the box that says 'Don't Show Me This Again'

  Ian in Northampton 11:20 03 Mar 2010

What Graphicool said should work, but it will also roll back all the other updates which the Browser Choice thing came along with. It might be more efficient to change your startup: start, run, type msconfig, enter, look at the startup tab and you should find an entry there for 'browser choice'. Just uncheck it. No need to reboot immediately, but when you do, the brwoser choice thing shouldn't pop up again. If you're set up for automatic installation of any update MS sends you, I'm not sure whether they'll keep trying to send you that one, though.

  lotvic 11:38 03 Mar 2010

read the info on this other thread click here which includes a registry hack

  Garawa 15:23 03 Mar 2010

Thanks. It installed itself when I switched off last night, I was going to get it at some point! I am not at all comfortable with registeries etc but I have tried the msconfig option. I got an error saying that I need to be an administrator to do it (I am) but it seems to have done it. I won't know til I switch on again. I wouldn't mind if it didn't use so much system resources.

  T0SH 17:01 03 Mar 2010

The browser choice window is a run once occurance if you click OK to open up the the web page with the list of browsers do not make any choice then close it out that is the last time you will see it

Cheers HC

  lotvic 17:04 03 Mar 2010

That is good info, thanks

  Garawa 19:21 03 Mar 2010

Brilliant thanks. Slowing a pc's start by 200% wants to be a run once! I thought it might but wanted to check.

  mimosa418 09:34 07 Mar 2010

Just found this this morning. Good tip.
click here

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