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  YinHoNg 00:07 04 Oct 2004

I don't want to use IE anymore. I heard its prone to 'browser hijack'.

Does anyone have any recommendations for browsers that does use IE?

  hugh-265156 00:36 04 Oct 2004

firefox or opera maybe click here click here or avant click here

  Djohn 00:37 04 Oct 2004

I use IE 6 only as I find it excellent. Many people recommend Opera or Firefox.Both can be downloaded free and you can have all three on your machine at the same time, even use at the same time. Give them a try and see how you get on. click here and click here

  geoff47 01:28 04 Oct 2004

I personaly like Crazy Browser....but its all a case of getting used to the one you like.
Make a search on Google to find it,its another freebie.

  Dan the Confused 01:35 04 Oct 2004

Use the one you like most. IE is prone to hijacks more than the others simply because it is by far the most popular and therefore the most targeted by malware writers, not because it is less secure. If you stay up to date with MS updates and run Spywareblaster (and Spywareguard if you want) along with a firewall then the chances of a hijack are very small indeed. I always use IE and have never had any problems with it.

  hugh-265156 01:41 04 Oct 2004

ps. although i have all the above browsers installed on my computer, the only one i actually use every day and feel comfortable with is IE6 strangly enough. the others i only just play with from time to time.

  hugh-265156 01:50 04 Oct 2004

agree, keep windows up to date, run your av and antispyware tools and you will be fine with IE

  hugh-265156 01:52 04 Oct 2004

agree with Dan the Confused i mean lol. too slow at thinking and typing.

  Dan the Confused 01:58 04 Oct 2004

Know what you mean, I'm off to sleepyland in a minute :)

  YinHoNg 20:58 05 Oct 2004

I'm triying out firefox at the moment. Will see how it is. Is there nothing you can add to IE6 to implement the tabbing feature of firefox opera etc

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