Web blackboard 2 people can draw on?

  polymath 20:02 26 Jul 2003

Yes, I know 'blackboard's frowned on, but titling's enough of an art already...

Is there any way 2 distant people can collaborate on a drawing, via the net?

Like, 'How about this design?'
'OK, but could the top be curved, like this?' (uses mouse to sketch new line on drawing).
'Possible, but this shape would be cheaper'
(sketches more lines).
'Looks fine, but what price?'
'I'll work it out - see you here tomorrow about 7'.

I've drawn a blank, so far, with searching the web (well, you try getting the right keywords!)

I haven't heard of anything like it, but imagine it could be like online gaming, but with much simpler technology.

Any ideas?

  polymath 20:17 26 Jul 2003

Thanks Ken, I'll look into those (tomorrow, probably) & report back in case anyone else is interested.

  polymath 21:03 26 Jul 2003

Thanks for the link - I'd had no joy, & came back to check I spelt it right!

Went to Yahoo Messenger (been meaning to sign up anyway). Couldn't find Doodle one; searched site with Google, got some links mentioning Doodle, as one of the top 5 IMVironments, but none of Doodle links worked ('Page cannot be displayed').

Maybe I was looking at outdated pages, but couldn't find a way to ask if Doodle's been discontinued. I'll try again tomorrow, & also look into NetMeeting.

Looks as if there'll be something to fit the bill, anyway!

  hugh-265156 21:22 26 Jul 2003

windows messenger 4.7 has this facility too i beleive.and is built into xp.

actions/start whiteboard.

click here

  polymath 20:58 28 Jul 2003

I looked into Windows Messenger - as far as I could tell on the web, it's only available for XP, & I use 98SE (sorry - should have mentioned that). I couldn't find any mention in my computer either.

But NetMeeting is in there, so I'm in the process of getting it going. MSN Messenger also looks possible for me.

I only upgraded from a 1987 286, 2 or 3 years ago, and am still finding facilities right under my nose (as opposed to fiddling about with Dos, actively forcing them in!)

Thanks, all.

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