Web based email account

  Rodz 14:25 14 Aug 2008

What would you recommend as a good web based email account.
Everyone seems to use Yahoo or Hotmail or perhaps googlemail.
Just fancied something a little different.

  Clapton is God 16:19 14 Aug 2008

Define "different".

To be honest webmail is webmail is webmail.

It's a means to an end - nothing more, nothing less.

  Rodz 16:35 14 Aug 2008

Not one of the 3 I mentioned.

  Pine Man 16:47 14 Aug 2008

Most ISP's provide web based email access. I am with o2 and use Outlook to access my emails but when away from home i use their web site, which is excellent.

Who provides your internet access?

  Wak 17:13 14 Aug 2008

I assume that people use web mail so that they do not have to get another e-mail address if they change their Internet supplier.
Therefore I would have thought that a Yahoo web mail would be preferable to O2 or Virgin or any other Internet supplier who also provides a web mail access for that one reason.

  Rodz 17:14 14 Aug 2008


  lotvic 18:28 14 Aug 2008

I use the Global Message Exchange click here

  Pine Man 18:55 14 Aug 2008

Many of the ISP's, and certainly o2, will let you open a web mail address without opening an internet provision account.

  tullie 15:32 15 Aug 2008

I have used Hotmail for many years without a problem.

  dms_05 16:37 15 Aug 2008

Different? Well how about [email protected] click here

  Rodz 14:13 17 Aug 2008

Thanks Guys.

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