Web authoring: D'weaver & FrontPage default Prog?

  benchman 18:41 29 Jul 2003

I?d be grateful for help with the following:
The problem is setting the default program for web authoring with both FrontPage versus Dreamweaver MX (part of Macromedia MC) on the computer. I want Dreamweaver to be the default.
I have Windows XP Pro
2.6Gb CPU AMD Athlon
40Gb Hard Drive
512Mb RAM
I have recently upgraded motherboard and CPU.
Macromedia MX was installed before the upgrade with no problems in opening it from Windows Explorer. When I first opened D-MX after the upgrade it opened in Internet Explorer.So find Sites file in Widows Explorer, right click a file, click properties and ?open with.....?
The drop down recommends files to use are amongst others, Fireworks, Internet Explorer, FrontPage etc. No Dreamweaver MX. ?Other programs? include Flash and Flash Player etc.
So click on Browse, C, Programmes, Macromedia, Dreamweaver Mx & Dreamweaver.exe. This takes you straight back to ?open with...?
I tried uninstalling FrontPage but it refused to open with Dreamweaver and demanded FrontPage!
P S My first go at getting help ended in deleting the answers from two kind people who replied to my query. My apologies.

  Forum Editor 23:58 29 Jul 2003

what you mean by "the default program for web authoring".

There will be no default program - each application has its own file format, but as they both create HTML files you can open a web in either of them. A site that is authored in Dreamweaver can be opened in FrontPage and vice versa. FrontPage has certain dynamic components that require extensions to be installed on a web server before they will work - animated hover buttons for instance - and these will not function in Dreamweaver. Otherwise there'll be no real problems.

If you want to work on a FrontPage site in Dreamweaver you must import it - you can't simply click on an HTML file and expect it to open an authoring program. If you click an HTML file it will, by default, open in Internet Explorer.

  Forum Editor 01:34 30 Jul 2003

of this thread - please don't do that, one is enough.

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