Web Access Monitoring Program

  alcudia 15:22 16 Dec 2003

Can anyone recommend a program that would give a daily report of web sites accessed through our network and proxy server. Nothing complicated required. Just IP of the machines, sites accessed and time.

Grateful for any suggestions.

  Diodorus Siculus 15:28 16 Dec 2003

click here

WebMarshal Reports are a powerful and flexible tool to track web browsing and download usage.

Activity can be tracked by time, by user, by site, and by bandwidth. Requests can be categorized using custom classifications for sites and file types. Periodic reports can be used to provide billing information for internal charging based on usage. Most reports include 'drill-down' for detailed views of specific information.

For organizations with multiple local domains, these can be reported on separately. Periodic reports can be used to provide billing information for internal charging based on usage.

Reports can be viewed from any workstation, and can also be exported in many formats including HTML, RTF, and CSV.

WebMarshal Reports is a plugin to the Microsoft Management Console (MMC). The reports are generated using a runtime version of Crystal Reports 8 (included). Web Marshal uses SQL Server or the free Microsoft Database Engine for logging.

A first step toward an Acceptable Use Policy is to monitor current usage with WebMarshal Reports. Many customers have identified significant potential savings of time and bandwidth simply by running reports within a few hours of installation.


May be too complex for what you want!

  alcudia 15:51 16 Dec 2003

Thanks for that, I will have closer look, but may be a bit over the top, as you suggest.
I was rather looking for something that could run on the machine where WinProxy is installed. That has XP Pro. Our main server is 2000 though

Thanks again.

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