Weary of XP Filenames

  GRFT 11:56 14 Mar 2005

Like some other users I'm a bit weary of the extra-long filenames, paths and other clutter that adorns Win XP. I use DOS batch files for backing up and having to type in the likes of C:\documents and settings\user name\mydocuments\*.* is tiresome to say the least, and it sometimes doesn't work. So I decided to follow the example of other users and adopt a much neater system: for instance, word documents are stored in C:\word, textfiles in C:\textfiles and so on. So far this has worked perfectly but I wonder if abandoning the XP system could eventually cause trouble.

  Yoda Knight 12:01 14 Mar 2005

That wont cause a problem, as long as you remember where you save everything and include it in your backups

  mattyc_92 13:07 14 Mar 2005

It wont do anything to your system.... As Yoda Knight has said, provided you remember where you store the files, there wont be any problems.... Even if you do forget where they are, that wont cause the system any problems, but you would have forgotten where all your work is....

And remember to include the new directory(s) in your backups...

  Peter 15:35 14 Mar 2005


From its introduction with Windows 95, the My Documents folder was supposed to make it easier to find your own documents and files. Some programmes do follow the rules and put their folder under My Documents, but other just go their own way and put them where they want.

If they ARE all under My Documents then you will just need to backup that folder and all subfolders to protect all your files.


  Rigga 15:46 14 Mar 2005

GRFT, you can also change the location of "My Documents" to whatever folder you wish.

Right click the "My Documents" icon on your desktop and choose properties, then choose move.

You could create a folder called C:\MyDocs and use that.


  woodchip 16:00 14 Mar 2005

Something I cannot figure out is, why a XP comp with Fat32 start and shuts down way way faster than NTFS

  GRFT 07:23 15 Mar 2005

Thanks for the response. By "trouble" I meant something more fundamental to the operation of Windows. There's no way I'm going to be sharing my PC with anyone but I'm not allowed to delete Shared folders, and I also have to click on my own name to start Windows, which is utterly daft. Compared with 98se, XP does boot up and power down much quicker but apart from that it has many irritating quirks, particularly with Internet Explorer and Outlook Express, but then maybe there's something wrong with my installation.
Thanks, Rigga, for that suggestion.

  Rigga 08:58 15 Mar 2005

You can stop the "Click on your own name to start windows"

If you download TweakUI from Microsoft > click here <

Then under the Logon tab in the TweakUI program, (Which is located in control panel), you can type which user name gets automatically logged on, so when you boot it goes straight into Windows.


  GRFT 12:25 15 Mar 2005

Thanks, Rigga, for your interest. I've already had trouble getting tweakui to run; it downloaded and seemed to install OK but I couldn't find the Icon to launch it. This time I decided to run it from the MS website, but received the message: Cannot setup MS Windows PowerToys; requires WinXP SP1 or Win server2003.
Well, my XP installation CD includes SP2 and I've since had an online check by Microsoft and the system is reported as being healthy. So I'm in a bit of a quandry. Any further suggestions would be much appreciated.

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