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  Amadas 19:31 07 Feb 2010

Hi all,

It's been awhile since I needed the assistance of my friend at PCadvisor.

I just upgraded from satellite internet to a wireless one as a new tower and frequency became available within the area and it's very strong.

My issue is we placed the 3.5MHz canopy on the garage which is about 100' away from the house. The signal is very strong at that point. I purchased a Airlink AR7025 wireless N dual-band router as I run many items in the house at 2.4Ghz (2 phones, 2 mouse, 2 keyboard) The dual-band router uses 2.4 and a 5MHz frequency. Since it was "automatic" I assumed it would just use the 5MHz frequency. Unfortunately, it doesn't look like that is the case.

I have two computers in the house, 1 running Vista Ultimate and the other XP Pro. The wireless N adapters are also from Airlink AWLL7925. The Vista Machine took forever to get connected (damn vista) yet the XP machine was up and running within minutes.

Problem I have is the signal between the adapters and the router is weak (between 5-35%). The house use to be stucco (buried underneath the siding we did a couple years ago) so I know the stucco wires are still there which I'm sure is one of the culprits. If I'm outside the door of my house with a laptop, the signal strength is strong, but as soon as I'm in the house, it practically disappears. The computer room is facing the garage and I'm within 75-85'. I can practically see the router.

I've attempted to log into the router to see if I can force the 5MHz frequency, but no luck. It only gives options to change the 2.4 frequencies.

Any ideas on how I can strengthen that signal. I've even attached a 6' USB extension cable and put it in the window. This only provides the 35% signal strength.

I could really use some advise.


  Amadas 23:09 08 Feb 2010

I replaced the two USB extensions with 1 10', placed it into the window and the best reception I can get now is 24% signal strength. No matter where I move it (5' to the right and the signal changes back down to 5%) as it's rather touchy.

I can get online now, but I"m concerned with latency issues especially since I'm an online gamer.

Looks like I'll need to string 150' of CAT 5 and hard wire it in.


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