Weak signal Linksys Wireless ??

  gios100 10:51 27 Aug 2005

Any Idea why I can't get a strong signal on my linksys wireless router.

At the moment its only a few feet away but the signal it very weak.

Even if i put the router on top of the the PC I can only get about 80% signal.

Anybody any ideas?


  Taff36 15:05 27 Aug 2005

Operating System & Linksys model would be good. Where is the router positioned? Is it near other electrical appliances such as a microwave or a digital phone receiver - I am told both can interfere.

Try checking that the aerial is secured properly. Also try right clicking the connection and selecting properties. On the support tab click the repair button. Assuming you have X of course.

  gios100 15:18 27 Aug 2005

HI, XP Pro and I think its WGT54 router.

Nothing really near, only a TV and thats turned off. I have wired also connected to the same router and thats fine.

The wireless works fine, Its just the the signal is low and its keeps dropping.

Is there any chance it could be a duffer?

  woodchip 15:23 27 Aug 2005

I have a 3COM wireless FIREWALL router, Can reach 100 Metres outside of house

  Rigga 15:27 27 Aug 2005

Linksys routers are notorious for their not very good wireless signals.

Check > click here < for more information.


  amonra 16:34 27 Aug 2005

Only way to prove it, is a replacement. Can you borrow from a mate ?

  gios100 17:20 27 Aug 2005

Downloaded a firmware upgrade from the website.

Signal is now good to very good.

Seema ok now

  Strawballs 21:39 27 Aug 2005

I have a linksys and can access it from a nieghbours house on the opposite side of the road and the router is at the back of the house

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