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We have a free gift for you.

  Forum Editor 00:17 11 Dec 2008

All of us at PC Advisor would like to thank all of you for your continued support in the forums this year. We really appreciate the time and effort you devote to helping and advising others, and we thought it was time we offered you something a bit special in return.

If you subscribe to the DVD edition of the magazine for a year you’ll qualify for a special discount rate of just £34:99 for 12 issues – that’s a saving of £25 off the news-stand price! In addition we’ll give you a copy of ‘Windows lockdown’, a book that will help you become an expert on internet security.

PLUS a book of your choice from the following list, specially selected by the PCAdvisor editorial team:

‘Digital photography’ by Scott Kelby, worth £13:99

‘Brilliant Windows XP’, worth £16:00

‘Brilliant Windows Vista SP1’ worth £15

‘The moment it clicks’ by top photographer Joe McNally – a unique coffee table book worth £29:99

This offer is open to UK residents only, and the books are offered subject to availability.

click here to go to the special offer subscription page.

  lotvic 23:37 16 Mar 2009

Well I think the discount on the Cover Price makes it worthwhile even without an extra freebie.

  PA28 21:02 12 Sep 2009

If "Brilliant Vista SP1" has come back in stock yet I wouldn't mind my copy. I declined the alternatives offered at the time as none were useful.........

  Stuartli 21:43 12 Sep 2009

Scott Kelby's book is available in our local libraries - I read it a couple of years ago.

  PA28 21:58 13 Sep 2009

Guess we'll be on W7 soon anyway. Maybe next year.......

  PA28 21:49 05 Feb 2010

Free gift never arrived last year. Recently touted to renew subscription - with the promise of the same free gift that I asked for last year and which had never come back into stock. Funny how you can so easily become an ex-subscriber isn't it?

  CurlyWhirly 19:19 07 Feb 2010

I used to subscribe to PCA but cancelled it around 6 months ago as I was out of work.

I am now back in work and would take up the offer but I'm too late (just my luck) :(

  CurlyWhirly 19:21 07 Feb 2010

p.s. I just realised that this thread was started in 2008 !!!

  CurlyWhirly 19:41 07 Feb 2010

I just sent PCA an e-mail as I'm experiencing a problem trying to renew my subscription.

I thought that I would renew anyway as I can claim the free Windows 7 book !

  PA28 20:29 25 Apr 2011

OK - here we are over a year since the latest post. I never received my inducement for renewing my sub - so I didn't bother the following year. Did CurlyWhirly ever receive his Windows 7 book I wonder? Is China still with PCA? Did anyone else decide not to renew as the free gifts were never there? And does it really matter after all this time?

PS - like the new website PCA - very impressive. Good work in that quarter at least.

  lotvic 20:41 25 Apr 2011

Did you really have to drag this old thread up, the Free Gift was for Dec 2008

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