We have a free gift for you.

  Forum Editor 00:17 11 Dec 2008

All of us at PC Advisor would like to thank all of you for your continued support in the forums this year. We really appreciate the time and effort you devote to helping and advising others, and we thought it was time we offered you something a bit special in return.

If you subscribe to the DVD edition of the magazine for a year you’ll qualify for a special discount rate of just £34:99 for 12 issues – that’s a saving of £25 off the news-stand price! In addition we’ll give you a copy of ‘Windows lockdown’, a book that will help you become an expert on internet security.

PLUS a book of your choice from the following list, specially selected by the PCAdvisor editorial team:

‘Digital photography’ by Scott Kelby, worth £13:99

‘Brilliant Windows XP’, worth £16:00

‘Brilliant Windows Vista SP1’ worth £15

‘The moment it clicks’ by top photographer Joe McNally – a unique coffee table book worth £29:99

This offer is open to UK residents only, and the books are offered subject to availability.

click here to go to the special offer subscription page.

  rdave13 00:22 11 Dec 2008

Pipped at the post. Just went for the CD version for 23 squids week before.

  Forum Editor 00:37 11 Dec 2008

I forgot to mention that if you are a current subscriber you can take advantage of this offer to renew your subscription, but you'll need your subscriber number from the address label/carrier sheet that comes with the magazine. Alternatively you can call 01858 438 867

  DieSse 01:54 11 Dec 2008

This offer is open to UK residents only


  MCE2K5 04:02 11 Dec 2008


  Forum Editor 23:02 11 Dec 2008

I'm sorry. I thought of you immediately I posted that. If it's any consolation - which I doubt - I would bend the rule for you if I could, but I'm afraid I can't do it.

  howard64 13:03 13 Dec 2008

I have just tried to take advantage of this offer. Firstly using the phone no. above they know nothing of this offer and say it must be online only. They did give me my subscriber no. though. Secondly I tried to do it online but as an existing direct debit subscriber it said everything would continue as at present. There was no way of clicking on my choice of book. It looks as though I will have to cancel my existing subscription in order to take advantage of the new one. Unless of course you tell me otherwise.

  PA28 13:23 13 Dec 2008

Nice one - many thanks. :-)

  TonyV 14:57 13 Dec 2008

Like howard64 above, I went on the Internet to apply, filled everything up, changed some details that were well out of date, (Not unreasonable since it dated back to 1999!) then submitted the changes, but could go no further. There were no choices available to me. (Perhaps they are going to send all of them out!!) May be they will come back at the renewal time and offer the same choices then. Mine appears to be a rolling direct debit, which hadn't changed for years until I changed to the DVD version. I will now wait until the renewal date arrives and see what happens then.



  PA28 22:35 01 Feb 2009

I bit. Paid my money. Subscription has started. But, like so many subscription offers from other publishers, the free gift has yet to materialise. Nearly 2 months now...........

  tullie 22:46 01 Feb 2009

I have the same problem.

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