WD Passport - Back-up Software supplied

  wee eddie 16:34 17 Jun 2014

I have a 2 External Hard Drive, Back-up System and I'm tempted to add a third string to my bow.

I am tempted to get one of the new WD Passports and use the back-up Software that they supply, installed on the Drive.

The reason for this is that my other back-ups are made using Windows 7's proprietary Back-up Software and I would like to use a Software Program that is not reliant on anything that I keep in the house or it's immediate environs.

Has anyone got any experience of using WD's Software?

  wee eddie 09:40 18 Jun 2014

Thanks for your reply:

I am thinking of a Fire Situation. A friend just lost everything including her latest book (almost two years work and not quite ready to send to her Publisher) in a fire. Everything was backed up but wherever she kept the back-up went up as well. So: No Computer, No Passwords, No Copies of the Back-up Software that you have bought.

After the fire, you have just what you stand up in, your Bank Balance and the promise of a cheque from the Insurance Company. Also, with any luck, an External Drive, containing a recent mirror of your Hard Drive, that you keep with a neighbour.

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