WD My Book 1Tb software freezing PC + advice

  bradwell boy 18:24 13 Apr 2010

I was brought a 1Tb My Book and thought it would b great for backing up pics/downloads etc from all PC's in the house. So far have only used on my PC.

I have now uninstalled the software twice as it seems to use up all the CPU time even when I haven't got it connected. Obviously the software is running in the background. Is there a way I can have the software on the PC and not have this problem.

Finally. I thought I would just be able to drag and drop stuff to the drive. The software just scans everything on either my C or D drive and looks at saving everything. I can say just to copy pics or music etc. Can I pick particular item. If I connect to another PC it would copy that drive, not use it as a merger of all that needs saving from all our PC's. Any advice. Can the WD be used without it's software. When I plugged it in it self installed.

  howard64 18:55 13 Apr 2010

I have a wd my book and took the software off when it behaved like you say. Do not let the software run. Just use it as another drive - make folders on it and simply drag and drop or copy and paste whatever files you want from any pc to the drive.

  bradwell boy 19:47 13 Apr 2010

Howard64, do you just not let it install the software when it tries each time I plug it in, or do you take it off the WD?
I have just plugged in the WD and refused to install software. Then looked at what was on it on My Computer. There is a notepad doc there saying "this is being used as auto backup, do not delete or may cause irreparable damage". Is that just a warning to people who do not know what they may be deleting?

  howard64 17:36 14 Apr 2010

not sure about deleting but disk is so big what is on there is tiny. If it tries to install I just cancel.

  Miké 18:21 14 Apr 2010

I have two of these just remove the software, keep a copy of it in case it's needed in the future.

There are plenty of free ways of automatically backing up your files, if you want to go that way.

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