wd hard drive not being recognized by my pc

  jazzboi 22:02 22 Jun 2018

I unpluged my wd hard drive accidently and now I go to use it its not being recongized by my pc. how to I get my wd back working.

  wee eddie 22:14 22 Jun 2018

Did you use the "Safely unplug" routine when you disconnected last time?

  Taff™ 09:58 23 Jun 2018

Isthis an internal or external HDD?

  Taff™ 15:05 27 Jun 2018

Originator of post sent me a PM:

"thank you for emailing me back. I live in Las Vegas, Nv. and its a external portable harddrive. I have connected it to another friends pc with no results. I also, have connected it to me samsung smart tv. and it was reconginzed but the zip files didnt show up. I hope you can help me with this issue."

OK. First things first. Were the Zip files put on the external drive at the same time as the files you can see on the Samsung TV?

Do you have a zip file extracter program on your PC and can you see the full file name including .zip at the end of the file name? If not change the View Options so it doesn't "Hide Extensions of known Type"

You need to go to Device Manager on your PC and Uninstall everything underneath the USB Tree. One By One with nothing plugged into a USB port obviously or that device will stop working. Then reboot patiently and try that External drive again.

Next I want you to try this in another PC or Laptop. Friends maybe?

Report back later or ask questions - plenty here can advise as well as me!

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:29 27 Jun 2018

If it was umplugged whilst being written to it will have corrupted the drives file system.

If you connect the drive and look in disk management it may show up in there as a RAW format. When attempting to access the drive in Windows you may see a message asking you to format the drive DO NOT FORMAT THE DRIVE if yiy need to recover any data from the drive.

Often you can access the data on the missing drive by booting with a Linux LiveCD. The hard disk drive being used in this example is too damaged to do this but there is another article with instructions here that uses a drive that while not visible in Windows was accessible with a Linux LiveCD.

If can can get the files off it you need then or if yo do not need any info off the drive then easiest way to make the disk usable again is to format it from Disk management.

To try and recover the drive back to NTFS an keep the data then EASUS partiton maager (free ) may work instructions here

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