Ways to bridge gap btw telewest point and PC

  siliconbits 15:38 03 Dec 2003

I have a telewest connection point (phone and BB) in my landlady's room and wires run all over the place to her discontent. Is there a simple way to connect the broadband line to a device that will then wirelessly connect my PC to the broadband world.... Will a broadband wireless router with a PCI card be OK?

  BarryKeith 16:10 03 Dec 2003

To connect the modem to the incoming line you will need to use a co-axil cable of the same type as is used to connect a satellite dish to a receiver as the frequencies used are higher than normal TV channel frequencies. The simples method would be to have the modem as near the connection point as possible then use a wireless link from the output of the modem to your computers NIC card.

  siliconbits 16:32 03 Dec 2003

I am writing to you via the cable modem. So the link is already established. There is a long coaxial (Fibre optic??) cable running in the house. I think I will have to place the modem IN the room of the landlady, connect it to the router and then link everything to a PCI Wireless card.

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