Wav transcription for typists

  Bandy 16:24 31 Dec 2004

My daughter has, for some time, used a Phillips 9700 transcrition unit and foot pedal when typing from the memory card in the machine into Word.

For various reasons she now needs to download these to computer, not a problem, and then play them back to type them - again not impossible - but it is rather difficult to type and control the playback at the same time.

Does anyone know of any software that would allow easier control, preferably using key strokes rather than a mouse.

The ideal would be some form of foot pedal to control the playback.

I've been searching around but haven't found anything.

Any ideas would be welcome.

  Bandy 08:53 03 Jan 2005

Found an excellent solution to the problem in the form of ExpressScribe a free software package available from click here

It allows the typist to transcribe most sound files, including the .dss format and to start/stop/forward/reverse etc whilst running in the background behind Word etc. It's very easy to use.

As another bonus is that there's a section on rewiring older foot pedals to serial/game port versions in the help section

I hope the information may help others solving an office automation problem

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